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About Us


Radical Concepts first opened its doors in 1985 on King Street in the downtown core of Dartmouth, shortly moving over to Portland Street, where we have spent the last 30 plus years. Occupying our current location for the last 17 years and the previous 15 in the store across the street.

Radicals has always been a carrier of the smoke shop paraphernalia but for many years Radical was referred to as Radical Leathers because that's what we sold... biker jackets, chaps and accessories. We still carry some due rags but the leather business for us has lived its course. In 2001 we opened our first spin-off business, Radical Sun Tanning offering tanning and bathing suits year round and when 2008 rolled around, Radical Leathers was once again Radical Concepts sporting a more urban street fashion vibe, but trends doing what trends do we found ourselves back to what we do best.

Radical has come full circle offering a wide range of smoking accessories, from necessities and the must haves to trippy collectibles and some clothing!!

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